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Connectivity Services

Hosted VoIP PBX by Origen

Origen has experience with IP PBX for over 10 years now. Change the way you do business with our Hosted PBX and benefit from high-end VoIP features.

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SIP Trunking by Origen

Origen offers high availability SIP Channels for mid to large enterprices. Compatible with almost every IP based PBX and Call Center dialing Platforms (available via dedicated local circuits).

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Business Internet

Affordable and Unlimited Fiber Internet Connection. Give your company access to a stable and unshared Fiber Internet connection with NO LIMIT of downloading.

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Dedicated Fiber Internet

Origen offers a high availability and dedicated Fiber Internet Connection for mid to large enterprises delivered via fiber optic. Connection are backed by high quality bandwidth and exceptional customer service.

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Cloud Backup, Disaster Recovery & Storage

Use latest technology such as DRaaS to get back to your feet in no time, all without experiencing downtime!

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With the ability to virtually handle operations while service providers keep track of the hardware, IaaS is a favorite.

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Cloud Managed Networking

Cloud Managed Networking combines versatility and efficiency with the advantages the cloud has to offer.

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